Flash challenge

At uni I was part of the Creative Writing group and every year we attempted to write a group novel:

Each week one person wrote one page, someone else wrote the next page, and so on. There’s wasn’t really any outlining before and it was allowed to grow in whatever direction it wanted – as you might imagine, the end result was pretty hilarious and crazy.

I’ve been taking part in some of the writing prompts floating around Twitter, such as #vss365, and a while ago I decided to try and write a flash a day with whatever the daily prompt was and try to connect them somehow. This was fun, but it turns out that even when you are on your own the story spirals. For example, I managed to change from first person, to third, and then back to first again… You’d think I could have read through what I wrote the previous day, right?

For your amusement:

Flash Story

I held her life in my hands. Her soul was like a glowing orb, which, if given the chance, could light up the whole world for days. She was a worthy #sacrifice, but I hesitated as her possible futures flashed before my eyes. I focused on the grim ones, and squeezed.

He squeezed and her light popped, fizzled and died. The shockwave made it as far as #Jupiter, and caused its moons to sway. He held his breath, felt her energy revive his soul. He had no regrets. He buried her body in a glass coffin and locked the door. But the chosen don’t stay buried. Her shadow rose from the coffin and slipped out through the keyhole.

Her shadow swept down the steps of the tower, smooth like a piece of silk, and easily picked up his scent. She had been nothing but a farm girl, taught to be demure and kind. Now she was trapped between worlds, angry and full of power. As the sun rose she realised where the warlock was going. He was off to see the #empress.

My whole body was a shadow. A swirl of emotions. Each thought evasive, brief. I struggled to focus, but the scent of him kept me going. I followed him for miles and soon the news of my revenge would spread like #wildfire.

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