All the lost

He wrote a requiem for all the broken
All the lost and barely breathing
In the chamber
Beneath the light
He wrote of the glory in the fight
To stay alive when the soul is dead
and rise above the crushing dread
And with each line, and dot of ink, he felt his own
He felt his own
But when the light died and his ink was spent,
there was nothing left for all the broken
save all the years of hard devotion
And so he waits now, by the door,
to the land where the living cannot go.
Heart in hand


That work/work balance

For once I set myself sensible deadlines for the different stages of my editing – and surprisingly I was doing rather well. (I am a master procrastinator.) Thinking about your writing as a job with real deadlines has worked for me. However, my goal for August 31st will not be achieved, thanks to that other looming presence in my life, which is my actual paying job. Normally I try to maintain a healthy rhythm and leave when my day is done, but when things get hectic and everybody is struggling the days become all work and no play, and no writing.

I currently work in the media industry, as a subtitler, so work can sometimes be play, which is a good thing as it saves you from going insane when you’ve spent nearly 12 hours in the office. August has been quite a ride and I hope it will slow down soon as I’ve just left England for two weeks of family fun times…and more work. Instead of packing my writing pad, it was the work laptop that had to tag along.

Luckily my own writing has flexible deadlines, but I’m in awe of all of those who manage to juggle writing and work, and sometimes family too. Here’s to you, and to September – hopefully a month full of writing!