Drafting mode engaged

Helloooo there, blogo-sphere!
How have you been? Safe and well, I hope, and if you are in quarantine – hang in there!

It has been a strange thing, being in quarantine (I’m based in the UK), because it really forces you to appreciate the little things and find silver linings in order to cheer yourself up, while it also reminds you about all the people going through unimaginable heartache and sorrow no matter how shiny the silver.

My silver linings have been my plants – be prepared for lots of Instagrams of tiny green leaves – and my writing. Working from home meant I had to create a proper routine, and it was very satisfying to be able to slot in my own writing time between work-work and chores. I finally began drafting my novel in earnest and it has been incredible, and the last month has had a thorough writing theme: I’ve finally hit 50 000 words on my WIP – still over the moon about that – took part in some of the amazing talks during Stay at home fest , and discovered lots of writing resources from Writer HQ, National Center for Writing, Jericho Writers and more…

I’m humbled and blown-away by all the talented creatives out there sharing their talent and supporting others – a massive shout out to all of you helping people stay sane!

With love

My novel journey, part II

Wow, time flies. Summer is over and Halloween-Brexit month is here…

I’ve now taken my first ever novel to a draft 1,5, rather than a second, but I’m very happy with that. It’s a story I love, but I’ve realised it needs to be reworked completely (I’m even thinking it might need a whole new setting!). I’m super chuffed that I got it this far, but now it’s time to work on something different and learn new things.

The biggest thing I learned from editing this novel is that I wrote it like a pantser, but I’m without doubt a plotter. A Plotter with a capital P, and with all the other letters in all-caps as well. Early on I did do some planning and plotting, or so past-me thought, but with hindsight I know I barely scratched the surface. So yes, it’s a good time to start again.

It’s daunting, but also exciting. I’ve had a few ideas over the past year that I’ve not had the chance to work on, and you know, a month before NaNoWriMo might be a good time to start brainstorming…

Currently though, I’m “refilling the well” by reading a lot – juggling Brightly Burning by Alexa Donne and A House of Ghosts by W.C.Ryan with podcasts like Writing Excuses – not a bad start to autumn.