Black Magic & Black Coffee

tangent detail

Today is a sunny day and I’ve escaped the light and snuck into the dark and curious rooms of Black Magic in Riga. It looks like I had hoped and expected. Apothecary counters, bricks and heavy oak, velvet chairs, dark chocolate and black coffee*.  I’m writing this while sipping coffee and watching all the other tourists taking pictures of candles and jars. I would happily sit here all day but my bank account won’t allow for that kind of chocolate indulgence. It makes me wish I’m writing a story that would benefit from more research such as this, a story that’s a bit darker and in need of strange liquids and smoky cauldrons. Perhaps another time.

The best thing about writing, whatever genre or style, is that any part of life can be a source of inspiration and no emotion need ever be wasted. I find that a comforting thought, especially when life does not go according to plan – or editing makes you frustrated enough to contemplate giving up, and it is a perfect excuse for spending an afternoon in a café and people-watch.

I have 5 more weeks to spend in Riga before new adventures begin, and of course I’ve not managed half of the things I had planned. I am proud time-optimist, and even if it means never having enough time, it’s at least more fun than being a pessimist! This post won’t go up until tonight, hopefully with some pictures and if you find yourself in Riga in the near future, do pop in here and taste the strawberry truffles.

*Okay, I meant to have black coffee as it would suit the theme, but as the pictures reveal below they gave me such a cute little milk jug it was a shame to let it go to waste. Tasty nonthelesss.

Idag sitter jag i mörkret på ett cafe i Riga – Black Magi – en lokal fylld med chokladpraliner, kaffe, stearinljus och tomma fågelburar. Här finns en hel del turister också, jag inberäknad, som tar extrema närbilder på ljusen, på pralinerna, och konstfulla, sneda bilder som är värdiga Instagram. Utan likes har det väl aldrig hänt, eller? Om mitt bankkonto hade tillåtit sådan extravagans hade jag nog suttit och här hela dagen och pimplat kaffe, men en timme eller två är nog med lyx för en söndag. Inspiration får man iallafall, även om de berättelser jag jobbar på för närvarande inte direkt behöver rykande kittlar eller gröna vätskor i flaskor och burkar. Ett kafé väl värt ett besök om ni befinner er i Riga! De har väldigt goda jordgubbspraliner, och en bar i källaren om man vill få ordentliga Jekyll & Hyde-vibbar.



tangent detail

Summer solstice has come and gone everyone! Wherever you are, and whether or not you’ve celebrated, I hope the weekend has been good to you. I spent it eating strawberry cake and writing. A combo I highly recommend. (Coffee should be included.) My one-year master and thesis-writing-phase is finally over, and for the first time in ages I am free to write whatever I would like. The freedom overwhelmed me somewhat.

Luckily midsummer arrived with sunshine and put me, and the blog, back on track. And, as I have currently relocated to Latvia for the summer, I am hopeful that Riga will provide lots of writing-inspiration and creativity. First on the agenda is to finish the edit of Rabbit (which really should have gotten a proper name by know, but I’ve grown strangely attached to this one) and find beta-readers. After which I’m going to treat myself to some flash-fiction and short story writing – for those of you who missed it, the National flash-fiction day was yesterday the 24th so there is plenty of inspiration out there if you need a good read.

Bye for now!

Free speech at the Gothenburg Book Fair

tangent detail

“A manifestation of literature, arts and culture
The Göteborg Book Fair is the largest cultural event in Scandinavia. Established in 1985, the Book Fair receives around 100,000 visitors every year.
(…) No other book fair in the world offers such a comprehensive conference program as the Göteborg Book Fair. Writers, scholars, Nobel Laureates, politicians and thinkers from around the world appear in readings, talks and high profile debates.”

I’ve been wanting to go to the Gothenburg Book Fair for the last ten years but always lived too far away. This year the stars aligned and I suddenly had time, energy, tickets and didn’t need to travel more than two hours to get there, so I dragged my friend J along to explore books. Continue reading

Coffeestop: Pralineriet

Hej torsdag! Snart helg everyhopa, håll ut lite till 🙂

Innan jag lämnade Vilhelmina var jag ju tvungen att ta en liten paus på Pralineriet och käka praliner. Hösten tittade hastigt förbi den dan så då passade det bra med en stor kopp varm choklad, så att lägga det här inlägget under ’Coffee’ är liiite fuskigt. Kanske. Kaffe finns iallafall, om man så vill. Och te, och renklämmor, god lakrist, kanske kakor, laxmacka, och praliner i mängder förstås. Go there.

P.s. jag har hittills aldrig blivit besviken över deras musiklista. Stort plus : )

Coffeestop: Montgomerys

Throwback Thursday!
I was very happy that my soujurn in Glasgow included a visit to Montgomerys on Radnor St, just by Kelvingrove park. We actually went there for a light lunch but I know my choices – Vietnamese Coffee and Belgian waffles with bacon and maple syrup – was a massive and serious sugar high, so that hardly counts as lunch. A first step towards diabetes, maybe. (I’m not gonna lie – I sugar crashed and slept for an hour after.) But as Edith Piaf would say: je ne regrette rien!

Montgomery’s is rather small, cosy, and has some tasty things on their menu. If you’re in the neighbourhood you should check it out. (Sadly no pictures of the Belgian waffle as I inhaled it.)

Happy Thursday to you all 🙂

A love affair – warning: steamy content


tangent detail

I have a couple of new lovers in my life: one is short but classic and one taller and slightly more dressed up. Having only one is silly. I have more than two, obviously, but these two are my current favourites and they are useful for different times of day. My short classic one is a lifesaver in the morning as I am really not a morning person and need any motivation I can find for getting out of bed. But they can be used at any point really…before sleep, after sleep, during a film, perhaps in a drink. Endless possibilities. Not to mention the fact that they are gorgeous and photograph really well.

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Jag har två nya älsklingar i mitt liv: en kort men klassisk varelse och en lite längre men mer välklädd variant. Att bara ha en funkar ju inte. Jag har fler än två om jag ska vara riktigt noga, men de här två är just nu favoriterna. Framförallt den lilla är bra på morgonen då jag behöver all motivation jag kan få för att kliva upp. Annars funkar de ju vid alla tillfällen, som före och efter sömn, med en film, i en drink. Sen blir de ju snygga på kort också, se ovan.

Happy Friday!