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I started my January with a whole bunch of new hopes and dreams. One I think is especially fun one is the 100 books-challenge and the goal is simply to read 100 books within a year. So: 100 books, 52 weeks, totally achievable. Obviously the journey of this particular challenge is more important – and fun – than the goal, but I do have a rather substantial book-bucket-list I’d love to get through.
Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of audiobooks, but for this I’m going to use “real” books – because I’ve missed them.

True to myself and my streak of timeoptimism, I decided my first choice was Don Quijote by Cervantes. The copy I got hold of is the newest translation into Swedish, it has some lovely forewords by editors and translators, and it’s more than 800 pages long. It might take me more than a week.

You should all give this a go! I think there are a number of hashtags floating around on twitter and instagram – so if you are joining you should share your reading-choices and give your inner bookworm some attention. 🙂

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Jag har tagit mig an en ny utmaning i Är dÀr resan verkligen Àr mÄlet. 100 böcker pÄ ett Är ska lÀsas, förhoppningsvis, och Àven om ljudböcker Àr tillÄtet ska jag försöka hÄlla mig till pappersversionen. Det blir ett trevligt avbrott mellan mina grammatikböcker.

Typiskt nog valde jag inte direkt en kort bok – Don Quijote av Cervantes, den nyaste översĂ€ttningen tror jag bestĂ€mt, pĂ„ ca. 800 sidor. Men det gör inte sĂ„ mycket, tar den tid kan man lĂ€sa lite kortare noveller pĂ„ sidan av. Oavsett hur mĂ„nga böcker jag hinner med sĂ„ hoppas jag stryka nĂ„gra av de som ligger pĂ„ min bok-bucket-list!

Det Ă€r definitivt en av de roligare utmaningarna och de finns en del hĂ€shtĂ€gs pĂ„ twitter om man vill fĂ„ lite lĂ€sinspiration frĂ„n andra – eller sprida sina egna bokval 🙂


Veckans huvudbry


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Jag har hakat upp mig pĂ„ ett uttryck. Jag har klurat pĂ„ detta av och till i ungefĂ€r sex mĂ„nader och nu Ă€r det dags att gnĂ€lla om det. Uttrycket Ă€r *Writing Prompt*. Dessa *prompts* kan bestĂ„ av bilder, ett enstaka ord, en mening, en spĂ€nnande miljö, musik – vad som helst som fĂ„r igĂ„ng inspirationen och kreativiteten. “Skrivövning” Ă€r en variant som jag har sett pĂ„ andra stĂ€llen, men det fĂ„ngar inte riktigt hela aspekten tycker jag. Det Ă€r ju inte alltid en övning det handlar om.

Jag har lekt med ord som skrivarhjĂ€lp, skrividĂ©, PenKnuff, skrivförslag, idĂ©start, skrivstart osv. men ingen kĂ€nns riktigt rĂ€tt och det lĂ„ter för det mesta bara löjligt. Om nĂ„gon dĂ€rute sitter och ruvar pĂ„ en bra svensk motsvarighet – dela med er!

Lund har mÄnga spÀnnande miljöer dÀr man kan hitta inspiration, och det har varit speciellt uppenbart nu under november dÄ man inte hinner skriva alla idéer och stories som man kommer pÄ. HÀr fÄr ni en stÀmningsfull höstbild som skrivinspiration medan jag klurar vidare pÄ writing prompt:14812872_10209160326298216_119710123_o


Author Discount Code


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This week I signed my first proper autograph. On the inside of a book which has words that I have written in it. It was for a friend and I basically forced it upon her, but it feels like a milestone nonetheless.

A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed came out in June and everyone in the anthology received an author discount code to use if you wanted to order more copies. Naturally I did because, let’s face it, I intend to drag this amazing feeling out for as long as possible. It’s a good feeling and I think we can all agree 2016 has been a year of bad, weird and downright scary things – and that’s just thinking about world politics.

I am beyond pleased to have been included in this anthology, not found a single piece in it yet that I have not liked! If flash fiction is your thing you should definitely give it a go. Now I am off for a celebratory cup of coffee and some reading.

Happy Sunday!


Bleak stories for a rainy Monday

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New stories are up on England’s Future History! If you would like a Halloween-warm up with some creepy and dystopian (and some nice) stories, you should head over there.
If you’ve never heard of EFH, it is a series of short stories, which map out what happens to England in the future. Writers have contributed their interlinking visions of England’s future through their short stories.

Just been reading them in chronological order and I’m enjoying how the timeline is shaping up. I really liked how Sky Castle by Lizzie Clark echoed some topics from Tom Leins’ Rat farm,  but I shall give no more details… Quite a few of the stories are linked together actually, and it will be fun to see what themes are picked up by the people writing the following stories. Exciting times ahead for England it seems 🙂

P.s. next deadline at the end of December, find guidelines on how to submit here!

So far…


Happy Writing!

Free speech at the Gothenburg Book Fair

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“A manifestation of literature, arts and culture
The Göteborg Book Fair is the largest cultural event in Scandinavia. Established in 1985, the Book Fair receives around 100,000 visitors every year.
(…) No other book fair in the world offers such a comprehensive conference program as the Göteborg Book Fair. Writers, scholars, Nobel Laureates, politicians and thinkers from around the world appear in readings, talks and high profile debates.”

I’ve been wanting to go to the Gothenburg Book Fair for the last ten years but always lived too far away. This year the stars aligned and I suddenly had time, energy, tickets and didn’t need to travel more than two hours to get there, so I dragged my friend J along to explore books. Continue reading

National Flash-Fiction Day Anthology 2016

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Big news ahead! Warning: potential self-promotion in the next few paragraphs.

National Flash-Fiction Day is coming up in the UK — the 25th of June to be precise, as it is one of the  shortest days of the year. (If not the shortest?) As in previous years the people at NFFD have organised competitions in connection with it: a few weeks ago the 10 winning entries for the Micro-Fiction competition were announced on the blog and this Tuesday they revealed the 50 entries to be included in the 2016 Anthology.

I love flash-fiction, micro-fiction, twitter-fic, and all such writing. I love the immediacy of it, and the puzzle-like aspect of putting things together in a condensed space. It’s an art form I’m still learning about and trying to figure out, so when I saw the call for submissions I took it as an opportunity to practice and perhaps find some good ideas. Today I am delighted, chuffed, ecstatic, and all other suitable adjectives, to have one of my pieces included in this year’s flash-fiction anthology. Many thanks to NFFD for giving me the opportunity to take part and I am excited to see all the contributions in print, there are a lot of good writers on this list (a little daunting to be included among them!).


Roliga nyheter pÄ gÄng!!

Flash-Fiction Ă€r vĂ€ldig korta texter, i samma linje som mikro-texter, Twitterfiktion osv. Jag Ă€lskar tanken och pusslet med att skriva sĂ„dana texter, och att försöka fĂ„ fram en historia eller kĂ€nsla i ett vĂ€ldigt, vĂ€ldigt kort och strukturerat format. Som med mycket annat jag gör Ă€r jag lĂ„ngt ifrĂ„n fullĂ€rd men jag Ă€r i alla fall enormt, oerhört, och fantastiskt glad över att en av mina flashfictions blivit utvald till National Flash-Fiction Days antologi tillsammans med 49 andra bidrag. Boken kommer att tryckas upp i bĂ„de fysisk kopia och blir tillgĂ€nglig online nĂ„gon gĂ„ng under sommaren. Detta projekt görs i samband med att man firar National Flash-Fiction Day  i England – i Ă„r den 25 juni, och sĂ„ snart jag har boken i min hand lĂ€r jag lĂ€gga upp en bild eller tvĂ„. Jantelagen be damned!