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tangent detail

This week I signed my first proper autograph. On the inside of a book which has words that I have written in it. It was for a friend and I basically forced it upon her, but it feels like a milestone nonetheless.

A Box of Stars Beneath the Bed came out in June and everyone in the anthology received an author discount code to use if you wanted to order more copies. Naturally I did because, let’s face it, I intend to drag this amazing feeling out for as long as possible. It’s a good feeling and I think we can all agree 2016 has been a year of bad, weird and downright scary things – and that’s just thinking about world politics.

I am beyond pleased to have been included in this anthology, not found a single piece in it yet that I have not liked! If flash fiction is your thing you should definitely give it a go. Now I am off for a celebratory cup of coffee and some reading.

Happy Sunday!


A love affair – warning: steamy content


tangent detail

I have a couple of new lovers in my life: one is short but classic and one taller and slightly more dressed up. Having only one is silly. I have more than two, obviously, but these two are my current favourites and they are useful for different times of day. My short classic one is a lifesaver in the morning as I am really not a morning person and need any motivation I can find for getting out of bed. But they can be used at any point really…before sleep, after sleep, during a film, perhaps in a drink. Endless possibilities. Not to mention the fact that they are gorgeous and photograph really well.

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Jag har två nya älsklingar i mitt liv: en kort men klassisk varelse och en lite längre men mer välklädd variant. Att bara ha en funkar ju inte. Jag har fler än två om jag ska vara riktigt noga, men de här två är just nu favoriterna. Framförallt den lilla är bra på morgonen då jag behöver all motivation jag kan få för att kliva upp. Annars funkar de ju vid alla tillfällen, som före och efter sömn, med en film, i en drink. Sen blir de ju snygga på kort också, se ovan.

Happy Friday!

The Bard

This year marks the 400th anniversary of Shakespeare’s death, and celebrations of his legacy will be happening all over. A handy site here.

I will be going to see Shakespeare in 10 acts at the British Library in June and if I’m lucky I might be able to catch another performance by Bard in The Botanics when I go to Glasgow. (Fingers crossed for no rain!)

For now, please enjoy Adrian Lester as Hamlet. It is amazing.