My stalker past

I’ve stalked the writing community on Twitter for years but finally plucked up the courage to join in the conversation, and I’ve re-discovered how much I love micro-stories and flash fiction. If you are new to Twitter, check out hashtags like #vss365!

Sadly this summer has been a dramatic one for my family – funeral, illnesses, accidents – so in the spirit of self-care, writing has not been prioritised, but I’ve enjoyed being a part of the writing community nonetheless and just reading all the fabulous pieces rolling by in the feed.

And I’ve just downloaded this year’s National Flash Fiction Day Anthology  ‘And We Pass Through’, so this weekend I plan to have a Sunday morning of coffee and reading. (I actually had a very, very, short flash in the 2016’s anthology ‘A box of stars beneath the bed’ which I’m insanely proud of.)

Have a fabulous day everyone, take care of your loved ones and f**k cancer. x



A few months ago I came across a call for micro stories by MatchBook. (The requirements were quite specific, as it could contain no more than 140 or so characters in total, divided into three lines. Read some of their stories here)

I tried writing a few and it wasn’t easy! But I liked the challenge, it is like flash fiction on a sugar high (or perhaps a diet?). It is fun to try if you enjoy writing and solving puzzles. 

Thought I’d share one of my attempts and my prompts for this one were mystery and cookies.  

Her Enemy They Said
But his hands, so gentle, passed
only cookies with a hint of almond.