My novel journey thus far…

I haven’t dared do the math, but I believe it is roughly 5-6 years since I first started working on my current WIP. I’ve written short stories and flash fiction-pieces in between, but this annoying, misbehaving novel just won’t let go.

Why? Well… I have somehow managed to move between 4 different countries, changed jobs repeatedly and finished a degree since then, and sometimes the novel lay abandoned for MONTHS. Have I learned to manage writing and a life since then? No. But have I learnt what not to do? Hell yes.

My initial goal was just to finish a first draft, which I did, and then I let it rest. A couple of months ago I recovered from a bout of exhaustion and writing hang-ups, and began to edit this monster. I have tried to edit before but stopped as I realised that the monster consisted of 150 000 words (yup.), several multiple scenes, chapters written 2 years apart (and so had both different voice and tone) and waaaaay too many characters. A first draft is expected to be rubbish, but this was… Crazy.

Since I properly started editing (or tbh: re-writing) I have managed to cut about 30 000 words and got the main plot under control. I doubt I will ever query this novel, but it still excites me and it has definitely taught me what not to do. My new goal is to take it to decent draft 2, and then get started on some brand new ideas.

To be continued! x


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